Friday, 19 April 2013

youth Enviornment Service observes the national sanitatoin week and commemoration of the World water Day

Youth Environment Service supported by Uganda water and Sanitation Network (UWASNET) in partnership with Busia Municipal Council, and other stakeholders,operating in Busia District as  World Vision Busia, Child Fund Busia and Red-Cross Busia Branch observed the National  Sanitation Week which begun from 18th  to  21st, and commemorated with  the  World Water day  on the 22nd of March 2013. The  activities conducted  included;  The  world  Toilet  Cup  game in three  villages of   Mawero East "B", Solo "A", Mugungu "A" ''Flag the  poo" game  in two villages of Mugungu "A"  and Solo "A"; Sanitation debates in the following four  schools (1) Victory, (2) Busia Border,(3) Busia Basic and (4) Parents' pride  primary schools with a  motion "Open defecation is  a shame". Other  activities included, cleaning  3 water sources  and water collection equipments headed by the village environment committees (VECs), WASH United Girls' football competitions. The celebration of the World Water day drew stakeholders including the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), the District chairperson, the Mayor, Water Officer, Environment Officer, Health Inspectors at the divisions, the 4 participating schools, NGOs representatives and the entire community.Over 1000 people where in attendance to observe the world water day occasion
The day  started with cleaning  of the  selected  well in Solo "A" called Omudik Spring well, and walking for water with band. The venue was in Solo "A" at chairman's palace where speeches  from different guests were presented, school children presented sanitation songs and poems and they where awarded with sanitation improvement gifts to best performers and  the launch of the World Toilet cup by the chief guest the Chairperson Busia District.

 World Toilet cup game in Mugungu 'A'
"Mobilizing the communities to participate in household sanitation promotion"  
(YES Photos)                          
The ball is not going to enter, shame upon me. A community member from the Karamojong group seemed to be lamenting as her ball bounced in a wrong direction.

'I have always been kicking in the loo', I cant fail when everybody is watching. A village member bragging as he scored his poo in the loo during the World Toilet Cup game in the village- Mawero East B, Busia Municipal Council.

Human waste found in corridors,this was during  'flag the poo' game in the village. the exercise helped to create awareness and community members have started using toilets as a result of the activity                                                                                                                                                                       
Mr. Ssebowa a Sanitation Improvement Committee member of Solo A village was  among the team who flagged the poo

No water for you unless you clean your water container.During the Sanitation Week,women were mobilized to clean their water containers. 
Let me clean it, I cant afford going without the water, what if my husband asks me. The lady cleaning jerrycan seems to be lamenting

 General  cleaning  at  the  spring well and  inspection  of  water collection equipmentts at Nanguke spring well in Mawero East B
 Make sure all that mud is scooped out. A SIC member  instructing the community on water drainage

 I wish I could quit this job. How long will I continue doing this. One of the volunteers for 'flag the poo' game seemed to be saying
 What the  hell!!.  This smell is disgusting.

At least this one is smaller. She seemed to be murmuring.
 Cha- cha, cha-cha, A community member participating in cleaning their spring well, in names of Omudiki well
 People were using this bush for open defecation, but now we have cleaned it. Our well should improve, thanks to the YES people. Community members where heard, saying during the clean up of the well  to commemorate the National sanitation week.

 More snap-shot for the clean up exercise at Omudiki spring well during thee sanitation week
 School children marching during the World Water Day celebration in Busia
 The matching teams arriving at the venue during the celebration of the World Water day

Sanitation Improvement Committee members with their Jericans walking for water during  World  Water day  celebration.

A young boy caught  in action-openly defecating during the 'flag the poo' activity.

Members of Solo A village  after  cleaning their spring well

The Guest  of Honour (Ag. District Chairperson- Busia) giving her speech during the World Water Day Celebrations.

The Guest of Honour on behalf of Youth Environment Service awards gifts  to the four  school which participated in sanitation debate  and celebration of World Water Day. The four schools were; Busia Border, Busia Victory, Busia Basic and Parents' Pride Primary schools.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

WASH United Hand washing with soap campaign in Busia

Youth Environment Service has an on-going program of promoting hand washing in schools within the Municipal Council. The program is being supported by Bill and Melinda Gates through Uganda Water and Sanitation Network-(UWAS-NET). In partnership with the school administrations, over 12 schools have been reached, including Arubaine Moslems', Victory, Winn and Joan, Busia Border, Parents' Pride, Mawero East, Marachi, Busia Basic, Busia Intergrated, Madibira, Fairway, Nagulu Islamic, Busia Frontier, Greens primary schools.  The project staff and volunteers were able to raech about 200 school children per school. The campaign involved activities such as, Scoring into the World Toilet cup ('Kicking the poo in the loo'), Hand washing challenge, Tippe tap construction competitions. The major aim of these activities is to sensitize children on the need to wash their hands with soap after visiting the latrine and before eating food including the proper procedure, secondly, to promote proper use of a latrine to reduce on open defecation which is on increase.